O'er the Hills Early Peninsular War Scenario Book

O'er the Hills Early Peninsular War Scenario Book
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Sunday, 15 June 2014

ISII in 15mm - Plastic Soldier Company

The Devon Wargames Group is lucky to have some very talented painters in its ranks, none so than Andy B. who ran a "Continuation War" scenario at the club yesterday and brought in his growing collection of Russian and German armour.

I had heard great reviews of the Plastic Soldier Company's latest release, the mighty Soviet ISII and Andy dug his models out for closer inspection.

I think, like me, you'll agree he has done a great job on these models with some lovely weathering and highlighting. I know he thought they were great models to put together and it is plain to see that PSC models are getting better with every new release. I saw some of the new Churchill Tank models he had done which looked stunning.


  1. Just noticed that as I store the hulls and turrets of the 5 models separately, I should pay more attention to the turret and hull numbers :)

    1. Hi Andy, I hadn't noticed until your message. It might have been a change done in the field repair shop!

  2. Or sneaky Soviet tricks to confuse the fascist scum :)