Saturday, 3 June 2017

Torbay Air-show - Spitfire & Hurricane

Today I have been putting the finishing touches to a third and final French Horse battery for the game
and was concious that our house was under the flight path for today's Torbay air-show.

It's always fun to head out into the back garden as the throaty roaring crescendo of noise heralds the approach of the Red Arrows, but there is always one sound that guarantees my full attention every time I hear it.

The unmistakable elliptical wings of the Spitfire mark 1 or 1a, machine-gun armed, stubby exhausts Battle of Britain veteran
The Battle of Britain Memorial Flight of the Royal Air Force is a regular treat at this show and very often they are accompanied by the Lancaster.

I recognised those throaty Merlin engines immediately and grabbing the Fuji Finepix was in the back garden like a shot to get these pictures of the Spitfire and Hurricane as they headed back from the show.

Considering how quickly these chaps were moving and how little time I had to get the viewfinder on them I am really pleased at the quality of the final shots, with both sets of under-wing roundels identifiable once I had cleaned them up on the computer.

The picture of the Hurricane below comes out rather like a gun-camera view from some old WWII footage.

The rear underside view of the Hurricane 1 as it passed over Chez JJ this afternoon.
These were a real treat and I thought I would share them literally minutes after I took the shots.


  1. Wonderful sight and absolutely awesome sound!

  2. Great photos! You are quite right! The sound of those "throaty" engines as you say is unmistakable.

  3. I love Spitfires. At the airshow in Reading Pennsylvania they sometimes make their appearence. The last time I was there you could pay $150 for a 10 min ride in a P51 or $400 for a 10 min ride in the Spitfire. I opted not to do these because my wife would not have been overly pleased, but if I ever get the chance to ride in a Spitfire again I might just go for it and ask for forgiveness later.