Friday, 28 July 2017

Talavera - Two-Hundred and Eighth Anniversary Game

Today is the two-hundred and eighth anniversary of the Battle of Talavera and as part of the project to raise funds in support of  'Combat Stress' we will be playing the second game this weekend when five friends from the Devon Wargames Group will be joining Tom and myself to spend two days seeing if we can perform better than our historical counterparts.

The table reset ready for tomorrows anniversary game looking from the Allied lines in the Northern Valley 

The table has been reset following the game from last month, and I hadn't realised what a task it was to find units and reposition them until having done it now.

As you can see the formation cards on the table came in really handy and by placing them in or on the set up locations made the task much simpler in finding units and bringing them back to their 'jump off' positions.

The view from the southern end of the table and French lines, all set to go

This weekend will be the clash of Titans as two old hands go head to head with no quarter asked or given

The Senior ADC for this weekend's set piece will be Tom who will be taking over duties on the computer and overseeing the magic that is Carnage & Glory II.

We will be supported by Messrs Steve M, Mr Steve, Steve L and Vince so we will have to be careful when issuing orders that one of us gets the right 'Steve'.

There is now a ban on anyone else joining the Devon Wargames Group with the name 'Steve'

As always there will be a full after action report to follow the weekend's fun with a full breakdown of casualties together with amazing feats of heroism in the face of the enemy.

Please don't forget that the serious part of our weekend is promoting support for the amazing work done by the people at 'Combat Stress' and if you would like to make a contribution you can find the page by following the link below.

I am delighted to announce that on the anniversary of the battle, thanks to all the people who have contributed to the Talavera 208 Just Giving Page plus a further £150 match funding, gifted by my employer today and the additional 'Gift Aid' the pot stands at


So we are well on course to raising £1,000 but your support would be gratefully appreciated so if you are enjoying all the fun please add to the fund.

When the project finishes this autumn I will be producing a photo book available to the players and all the people who have supported the game will be listed in the book as a keepsake for all involved.


  1. I see Chas is dressing up again.


    1. Careful, let's not get controversial. I wouldn't want anyone going off on a rant! Not that that could possibly happen.
      See you tomorrow mate.

  2. That's a seriously impressive looking set-up - beautifully done. Steve? - there was a time when it was a standing joke that all wargamers were named Dave - maybe Dave moved on to other things...

  3. The table seems great! Food work!

  4. Have fun - will be well deserved after such a project journey !!

  5. Great looking table, well done on this really impressive project!
    Best Iain