Saturday, 3 February 2018

Over the Hills Resource Folder

This week Steve M and I finished the series of scenario playtests during which we have put together different play aids to facilitate the games we were working on.

These aids included our own version of the QRS, designed around 15/18mm figures that we were playing our games with adapted from the rule book and from other versions produced by other players of Over the Hills.

We decided to play all the extra rules and wanted those readily available on the QRS and these took several games to make sure we had captured everything we wanted.

Over time we added a few changes of our own that we played as house rules and I have included copies of the standard and JJ's house rules options in the folder.

You will also see the Force Morale cards we used together with our orders dice. I have included the twelve cards we produced for both French and Allied forces and you can either use dice or order tokens with them to indicate a force's set of orders.

Finally, because we were using the orders system regularly we decided to put together an Orders QRS which outlines the can and can't do requirements for each order together with the issuing summary.

You can download a zip file of the contents either from the link below or from the link in My Resources and Downloads titled Over the Hills Resources.

Over the Hills Resource Folder


  1. Perfect, many thanks. I aim to try the rules soon having bought a copy at christmas.

  2. Thanks a lot for sharing. We'll be using them in our next 15mm Napoleonic battle; one of our members having bought a set of the rules,