Monday, 10 December 2012

Campaign Game Miniatures - QRF/TSS

I went up to Warfare in Reading this year and managed to speak to the guys at QRF/TSS who had some examples of the Campaign Game Miniatures (CGM) range of 18mm Napoleonic figures. I purchased a pack of French line voltigeur skirmishing and was delighted to find that they were a great match for my ABs and Fantassin figures.

I have to say that like most commentators on the subject, AB figures are superb and would normally be my figures of choice. However given the cost of AB and some gaps in the range other manufacturers have to be another option. I have been very pleased with the Fantassin range which though not as crisply detailed as AB are a very good addition to my collection and I hope the photo of my combined French grenadier battalion illustrates that.

I decided that for my infantry I would be happy to use complete units of Fantassin mixed in with my current AB collection, and that given the AB horses are a miracle of sculpting in 18mm I would pay the extra and go AB for my cavalry.

This was where I was at until I saw the guys from QRF/TSS. Based on those voltigeurs, I decided to try out the British infantry in stovepipe shakos and placed an order to make up four battalions of 24 figures. The current range is based on the 1815 campaign and so I ordered up command figures from Warmodelling UK which provide the officers in bicornes, more suitable for the Peninsula, rather than shakos as with the CGM range. All my British battalions have mounted colonels and these are ABs from Fighting 15s.

British infantry in stovepipe shakos from Campaign Game Miniatures
 Well the TSS order arrived today and I am thrilled with the sculpts. The detail is crisp and clear with variations of pose and they look perfect against my other British infantry. I can't wait to start painting these little chaps. These are a very pleasing addition to my British force and I have plans to add more battalions in the coming months. I notice that this range has now expanded to include other nationalities outside of the 1815 campaign with Russians and Austrians to choose from, and I will be looking to add a few late war British and French for some 1814 Peninsula options.

So if you haven't checked this range out yet, I would definitely do so.

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