Sunday, 9 December 2012

Battle of Whipton Cross - Wars of the Roses

This Saturday was the annual big Xmas game at my home club, the Devon Wargames Group, who meet in Exeter. Each month at the club we will run two or three different games to cater for a wide variety of tastes, but at Xmas we make a point of running a big game for all members to join in.

This year we decided to do a big 28mm Wars of the Roses game asking all club members to purchase a group of figures and get them painted and based for the big day. One of the guys even organised a bulk price deal on Perry plastics to help get everyone started

My contribution to our Xmas game, Warwick's Household and Retinue troops
We had a big turnout this year with 12 members playing and contributing figures, with great fun and banter had by all. It's amazing despite the centuries that have passed since this epic struggle for the crown of England between the nobility of those times, how the mention of the houses of York and Lancaster still calls on the loyalties of the English wargamer, not to mention a few Irish and Welshmen amongst us and we soon nailed our contingents colours to one mast or the other. I being a Warwickshire lad and having lived mostly in the South West naturally supported the House of Lancaster. That and I've always thought Richard III can't get away with the Princes in the tower going missing "on his watch".

I have done a full account of the "Battle of Whipton Cross", a little hamlet on the edge of Exeter where our titanic clash occurred and just happens to be where our club meetings are held today.

Warwick and his household men at arms hold the centre left at Whipton Cross
So I have just included a few shots of my contribution to our game. My two units representing Warwick himself with the standard of the Bear and Ragged Staff flying proudly on the field of battle.

Warwick's retinue plus mercenary crossbowmen hold Whipton Cross on the extreme Lancastrian left
We had a fantastic days wargaming with lots of laughs. Thanks to all the guys for another great day and another great year with lots of good times planned for 2013.

Happy Xmas to everyone, may Santa bring you lots of toys, if you've been good.


  1. So this surreal - another JJ doing a wargaming blog! Hope you have loads of fun with this, consider me "a follower". Best wishes, Jeremy.

  2. Hi JJ

    Thanks for your kind message