Sunday, 13 January 2013

Busy New Year!!

Well we're already 13 days into 2013 and I haven't posted a word.

The reason I have been so remiss is down to several things. Firstly the day job is taking up more focus with the need to get a good start to 2013. Secondly I got a big present from Santa Claus (whose been a good boy then!!) that has been taking up my time namely an IPad 2

Needless to say this little toy has been at my side since Xmas day and I have busily setting it up to do the things I want, mainly storing my digital wargames literature, including books and rules. I now have all seven volumes of Oman's History of the Peninsular War at a finger tips touch away amongst other goodies so my reading time will now be vastly enhanced, happy days.

Anyway it has become a bit of a time hoover and I am conscious that the figures will not paint themselves so next week I am back in the routine to get my Napoleonics up and running.

It looks like I will be play testing the Rolica scenario first weekend in February. When I am happy with the set up I will post a copy for anyone whose interested.

I will also post some pictures of my Campaign Game British that I'm painting up for Vimiero. These figures are lovely and I am really pleased with the results.

Yesterday I got in my first wargame of 2013, at the Devon Wargames Group where some of the guys pulled together a  Battlegroup Kursk game which gave me my first look at these rules. I have posted my impressions of these rules together with a report on the Devon Wargames Blog. See my links to find the blog report.

Up Close and Personal on the Russian Front - Battlegroup Kursk
I am now really thinking about building up my Russian front stuff using Plastic Soldier Company's growing collection of 15mm offerings. In addition several of the guys at club are interested in building Perry plastic 28mm Wars of the Roses figures to use with "A Coat of Steel" rules from the Perfect Captain. I really would like to play these rules.

However I must stay focused and get projects completed before embarking on others. 

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