Saturday, 26 January 2013

Peninsular War - The British are Coming!!

In December I moved out of my "comfort zone" and added to my Fantassin and AB collection of British Peninsular figures with my first purchase of the Campaign Game Miniatures (CGM) range (see my December 10th post). I was very pleased with the figures on first inspection, and I hope you will agree, they compliment the rest of my collection.

I have included some comparison shots to help others embarking into Napoleonic 18mm and are wondering if the various ranges are compatible.

My impression of the CMG figures are very positive.
1. Little or no flash to contend with.
2. Excellent clear detail, which is easy to pick out with the brush
3. The range of poses are very good and of equal quality, with no "dodgy" poses.
1. My only quibble and it's a very small one, is that the rolled great coats on the packs seem a little small.

Campaign Game Miniatures - 36th & 6th Foot

Campaign Game Miniatures
 (Mounted Colonels AB, Colour Bearers and drummers Fantassin, Flags GMB)
As you will see I have used AB mounted colonels and Fantassin colour bearers and drummers. The current range of British from CGM are very much aimed at the 100 Days Campaign and thus the officers are in shakos rather than bicornes. Also when it comes to anything using a horse, AB are very hard to ignore, their horses are superb.

For the Peninsular War I would look at using the CGM British Line in stovepipe shakos but not the commands, For the Light's and Riflemen I would use the ordinary ranks and the commands.

CGM on left, Fantassin on Right
I think the all various ranges are very compatible, with differences so inconsequential that when they are together on the table they become irrelevant.

That being said, because the ranges are so compatible, I have given some thought to my future planned purchases.

The Fantassin figures certainly bring a lot of character to the table with an excellent range of poses, and I am very pleased with them. The small downsides with them is that the quality of some of the poses and the detail leaves a little bit to be desired. The overly small back pack and rolled coat on some of the figures can be slightly disconcerting. The metal is also quite hard and can be difficult to trim any flash, particularly on the bottom of the bases. However they "paint up" nicely and bring a nice variety to any army.

AB are to my mind and many others still the "Gold Standard" when it comes to 18mm, but the price of the figures makes using them as the sole contribution to my collection prohibitive. As I am working to a budget and I would like to complete my army before I die, the other ranges are a welcome addition. Not only that but I feel the collection benefits from the variety offered by the different makes of figure.

CGM on the left, Fantassin on the right

CGM on left AB on Right with Fantassin colour party and skirmishers

CGM on the left, AB on the right

So in conclusion. I think at present CGM figures are going to form a significant core of my British infantry with a smattering of AB and Fantassin to add variety. None of the current ranges are able to tick all my boxes when I put a battalion of figures together and as you can see I have found no problem in mixing various figure ranges into my units. Times have never been better than now for Napoleonic wargamers when it comes to choosing figures and I have as yet to try out the new offerings from Blue Moon. As this range grows I will be looking at recruiting a few of their "stout fellows" to help liberate the Peninsular from the Corsican Ogre, and I have a mind to sending a force of them to deal with those troublesome Yankees in Canada.


  1. I really appreciate the work you have put into making the individual models look different - especially the mix of trousers on these; white, grey and brown are all in the pot here.
    Really well painted, neatly based and pretty flags.
    15mm isn't my preferred scale for Napoleonic's, (we have 1000's though) but this really shows how spoiled for choice we are these days.
    Thanks for sharing,

  2. Hi warpaintjj,
    Thanks for your comments. I like a campaign look to my figures and I think the Duke wasn't too bothered how the troops dressed just as long as they did the job.

  3. Great looking figures,
    I really like your painting style!

  4. Ahhh!!! Very nice painting!

    I'm willing to start a Lasalle army and had decided going CGM route :).

    Have mixed feelings about British Light division or Infantry Division. What stops me from doing the light ones is that CGM hasn't a specific range for portuguese caçadores and how "irregular" or messy would looks the army with rifles (green) portuguese (brown) and british (red, of course)...

    Perhaps just paint the minis :)