Sunday, 21 July 2013

French 20th Dragoons - AB, Part Five

OK, so if you have been following my posts this week you will know that I started work on this unit a week ago last Sunday and I have recorded the progress of putting these figures together in their completed state.

I hope you like the results, I am looking forward to getting these guys into battle, probably in September, may be October when I run the Vimiero "full fat" scenario with a few mates from the Devon Wargames Group.

If you are interested a potted history of the 20th French Dragoons

More French dragoons coming soon.


  1. A very handsome regiment. Your basing captures the the arid, rocky ground of Spain and Portugal perfectly.

    Looking forward to your full Vimeiro battle.


  2. Thanks Jon.

    I'm hoping six regiments of these guys on the table will be a feast for the eyes, even if the terrain will be against them.

  3. Nice finish JJ, keep'em coming!