Friday, 12 July 2013

Greek/Italian Hoplites for Pyrrhic Army

This week I've been working to complete the next unit in Steve's Pyrrhic army, Greek/Italian Hoplites. These figures were quite a change from my Napoleonics, being a true 15mm and with much less clearer definition on the detail, they were quite challenging to paint. Still I think they have come out ok and once based up should make an attractive unit.

The move up to 18mm for me is a confirmation of the plan to have large armies on the table but with figures having detail to compete with much larger scale figures.


  1. These are excellent ,Great Job . Very happy with the mix of colours to show this is a citizen unit , I will be proud to field them next to the Smurf Phalangites.

    Figures are Donnington from the Ancient Italian States range. Shield transfers are from various sheets of Little Big Man.

  2. Lovely work, very impressive!