Friday, 26 December 2014

Painting Desk Tidy Up with a Christmas Present

A very tidy table, for me, with my new Battle Flag paint storage tray top left
Whilst getting over excessive eating and quality time spent with family on Xmas day I was up this morning keen to put together my new Paint Storage Tray from Battle Flag, that Tom & Will got me for Christmas, cheers Guys, and to do a bit of tidying up on the table.

I am really pleased with the tray as it helps keep my table clear of paints that I use regularly plus I can slot my tweezers and needle files in it as well. I would like to get another one at some stage to add a bit more storage, but I thought I would share with you what a really useful bit of kit this is

Romans, Redcoats, Rangers and Indians on the desk
After tidy up I got a bit of time to finish off the block painting on some Aventine Roman commanders I am putting together for the Dacian Wars collection. In addition, at the same time I have the next project on the "sticks" at the back, a set of French Indian Wars British Redcoats, and some Rangers and Indians I am doing for a friend's Muskets and Tomahawks collection. Pictures of finished items to follow.

In addition to a few other things, I got a book, from my lovely wife, which I am looking forward to reading, based on my reading of "Galloping at Everything, by Ian Fletcher, a brilliant book to read that I reviewed back in November.

Galloping at Everything - Ian Fletcher

Edward Charles Cocks was, amongst other things, one of Wellington's "Galloping Officers" and had a very daring military career, which led eventually to his death at the Siege of Burgos in 1812.

In addition to that I was given a few more toys from AB to help move the Talavera project on including some of the gorgeous dismounted French Dragoons.

More stuff to come on JJ's with a trip up to North Devon to play a bit of ACW skirmish for our annual Xmas game, plus pictures of Romans, Redcoats, Rangers and Indians, and a look back on the plans set out for 2014 and what's coming in 2015.


  1. I am impressed by your work table.
    Great to paint in peace.
    See you soon

    1. As I say, it's not always this tidy, but at least once a year I like to have a sorting out. My desk is right by a window so I have plenty of natural light as well as the lamps. The paint tray is excellent as I can see at eye level all the colours I use the most.