Friday, 8 June 2018

Rise and Fight Again - AWI Rules on Kickstarter

As a keen 'horse and musket' wargamer, I not only enjoy the Peninsular War and the wider Napoleonic era, but also have a keen interest in the earlier American War of Independence where many of the tactics that the British army developed in the later conflict first saw there first incarnation.

This development has been looked at here on JJ's with the games and rule-sets we have used together with key books covering the period.

One set of rules that has figured largely here on the blog has been Over the Hills (OTH) for Napoleonic games developed by Adrian McWalter and Quinton Dalton now of Stand to Games.

Having worked with the chaps on putting together a scenario book for the Napoleonic rules (more anon), I was also privy to the early incarnation of the AWI set 'Rise and Fight Again' which takes the basic system of fatigue as covered in my review of the rules and gives the whole thing an American War of Independence twist to recreate the aspects that made the AWI quite distinct from the later period.

I really like the use of the fatigue mechanic used in OTH to assess combat ability and readiness to fight and the basic concept is easily adaptable to other periods with the addition of factors specific to the period being modelled.

If you are familiar with OTH system and the games it generates then you will quickly appreciate its application to the AWI, either way, the chaps have put up a really useful explanation of how the new rule set will be structured, the concepts carried over and the changes incorporated to this rule book based on the learning gathered from OTH.

If you are interested in gaming AWI battles and like the concepts this rule set incorporates then like me you will be interested in this Kickstarter campaign and keen to get a set of the rules.

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