Saturday, 25 May 2013

42nd Royal Highland Foot Regiment

No British Napoleonic collection should be without the 42nd Highland Foot, and certainly no Peninsular War collection. Having completed my series of games looking at the Vimiero campaign, I am now thinking about the army commanded by Sir John Moore and the battle of Corunna.

The 42nd Highlanders made their debut in this battle and were heavily involved in the fighting about the town of Elvina, after being encouraged by the General to remember their feats at the battle of Alexandria. It was members of the regiment who carried the mortally wounded Sir John from the field of battle.

For more information on the history of the regiment during the Napoleonic wars follow the link

My battalion in composed of figures from Campaign Games Miniatures, with the mounted Colonel from AB and the skirmishers from Fantassin. I really like the CGM figures, giving a burly highlander ready to close with the bayonet. My only criticism is their bayonets, not quite long enough for my taste, but I think, in 18mm, I can live with them. The flags are from the superb GMB range.


  1. Great job on the highlanders. I have an unpainted regiment of CGM highlanders awaiting the brush once I return to Napoleonics in 18mm. Some of the CGM infantry look not quite right anatomically to me but the cavalry I have all are first rate.

    Really effective and pleasing impressionistic style with the brushwork on the kilt.

    1. Thanks Jon.

      I like CGM particularly for their continuity, ie you tend not to get any strange looking figures. I might give the Blue Moon figures a go when I get round to the Gordons and Camerons.

      What I really want is for Blue Moon to release their Highlanders in trews so I can do a proper job with my 71st Highlanders before they became Light Infantry.

  2. Super painting! I am working on my own unit of the "Black Watch" but my kilts do not look anywhere as good as yours.
    Any painting tips?

    1. Hi Joe,
      Thank you.
      If you check out my painting tutorial from March, "Painting British and French Casualties", I've listed the colours and illustrated my technique on the Highland casualty. Hope you find it useful.

  3. These boys look fantastic JJ, great paintwork as ever, but can they fight?

    Against the might of the Empire and its Great Commanders, history will be changed, on with the campaign, Vive Le Emperor...

    1. Bonjour Monsieur General, et merci

      Yes I think these boys will fight. Once I've sorted out the way of fighting the British Light battalion skirmish rules that Tom and I are play testing this afternoon, the Brits are going to be back in form for Corunna.

      Beware the men in skirts and God save the King

  4. Great looking troops and very interesting post.