Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Corunna for Boxing Day

With the Christmas Bank Holiday ahead the Corunna game is set for Boxing Day (26th December). This will be a team Jones affair with both my sons Tom and Will taking the roles of General Sir John Moore and Marshall Nicholas Soult.

The 42nd Black Watch Highlanders on the attack at Corunna
The scenario will capture the fighting that occurred on the British right flank as the French attempted to turn it and cut in behind the position, and the rules will be Carnage & Glory II.

The map for the scenario

The table looking along the French ridge towards Elvina

The other end of the French position with the Monelos River in the foreground

The view from the British ridge and right flank

The road into Elvina from Sir John Moore's position

Sir John Moore and his Army
Marshall Soult and the French Army

Needless to say, I will post a full report on proceedings following the game. So if you are in need of a little light relief from the festivities check in to see how the game turns out.

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