Saturday, 7 December 2013

7th Royal Fusiliers

The work towards putting together Sir Arthur Wellesley's army at Oporto takes another step towards completion with the addition of the 7th Royal Fusiliers.

This regiment as part of Packenham's Brigade (The Fusilier Brigade) in Cole's 4th Division would put two battalions into the field as part of the British army in the peninsula and would later gain fame for its part during the Battle of Albuera, helping to snatch victory from defeat in the counter attack that forced Marshal Soult to concede the field, with both armies suffering horrendous casualties.

The Fusiliers in Wellesley's army (the 7th would be joined by the 23rd Royal Welch) were elite battalions of
infantry. Therefore in recognition of their status all companies wore elite company wings on their tunics and white grenadier plumes in their shakos. The Fusilier bearskin would have normally been left in stores for parade dress and other than their elite fittings the unit would have appeared much as any other line battalion.

The unit is composed of figures primarily from Warmodelling, with a few AB. The colours are from GMB.

Next up the 3rd (The Buffs) Foot.

Dedicated too and in loving memory of Audrey (Randell) Jones 4/10/1924 to 29/11/2013


  1. Another very fine British regiment, Jonathan! I do like the active campaigning look with soldiers wearing a mix of trousers. Nothing says Peninsular War like brown pants.

    1. Thanks Jon, I agree, the thing that really differentiates the Peninsular War from other theatres of the period (War of 1812, 100 Days) is that the British Army was there for a long time on the end of a secure but very long supply line and thus the units were often forced to improvise. Spanish brown cloth immediately tells the viewer where this unit/battle is.

  2. Jonathan! I see that GMB Flags is using your Blog header photo on his website. Congratulations!

  3. Hi Jon, thank you. I hadn't seen the website banner, only the header sent out on Grahame's email flyer. I hope it helps generate extra business over Xmas. All good for our hobby.