Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Kingdom of Holland, 2nd Battalion, 4th Infantry Regiment

2nd [German] Infantry Division 
GdD Jean-Francois, Baron Leval,

OB Heinrich, Freiherr von Porbeck,
Baden Infantry Regiment Gross-Herzog Nr. 4: OB Heinrich, Freiherr von Porbeck, 2 battalions
Nassau Infantry Regiment Nr. 2: OB August von Kruse, 1st Battalion
Nassau Infantry Regiment Nr. 2: OB August von Kruse. 2nd Battalion
Baden Foot Battery: 2 – 7pdr howitzers, MAJ Franz-Friedrich-Christian von Steinmetz

GM David-Hendrik Chasse,
Composite Dutch Infantry Regiment: OB Baron de Grave,1/2nd Infantry Regiment
Composite Dutch Infantry Regiment: OB Baron de Grave, 2/4th  Infantry Regiment
Dutch Horse Artillery Battery Nr. 3: 6 guns, HPT Hendrik-Rudolph Trip

Hessen-Darmstadt Foot Batterie: 4 – 6pdrs, LT Ludwig Venator

The completion of the second of the two Dutch infantry battalions under General Chasse leaves just the two battalions of the Baden infantry contingent and the artillery to complete the German Division for Talavera.

The figures used, as with the first battalion, are from Warmodelling with the Regimental Colour from Maverick Models. A few conversions were added as mentioned in the post covering the 1/2nd Infantry, just follow the link above to see that post, which covers off a bit more of the information behind the construction of these units.

The Dutch brigade add a great splash of white to the German Division and together with the Nassau battalions in green help to offset all the blue.

I am awaiting the arrival of my Baden infantry, and so before embarking on them and the artillery units I will be amusing myself with a 28mm unit of Early Imperial Roman Legionaries which I will post up next.


  1. Fantastic post, as always!!

  2. Very smart! These are my favorites!

    1. Hi Jon, the white look is quite eye catching. They were good practice for doing the Spanish.

  3. so very very nice, haven't painted any Naps for ages, your are inspiring me to get back to them.

    1. Hi Dan, thank you. Go for it and get that collection going.