Saturday, 11 October 2014

Wargames, Bikes, Deer and Badeners

Today is Wargames day at the DWG and the weather was lovely this morning so I decided to get my daily bike ride in before breakfast. My usual route follows the line of an old railway built in 1911 and now turned into a cycle/foot path. Along the route you pass some of the most beautiful Devon countryside and the fields nearest to the tree line are the favourite haunt of the local Red Deer in the early morning and late evening.

I have been trying to get a few pictures to show on the blog and finally got lucky this morning

This last shot shows the animal becoming aware of a ladies jogging group oblivious to my photography and the wildlife in the field beyond the trees they were jogging through. Needless to say they were talking quite loudly, as they ran, and that proved too much for the deer, and she was gone.

So I am rushing to have breakfast and get off to club as today we have our Annual General Meeting and I will be running a Hughes vs Suffren, Battle of Providien game, pictures to follow, and then the Badeners will be finished tomorrow with pictures of them to come. So until then, enjoy the deer.


  1. Always fun to see wildlife while out on the bike. I regularly see deer on my rides, the occasional coyote, and rarely a moose. Oh, and of course, cattle and horses.

    Looking forward to seeing your Badeners. As an aside, to you think Wurttemberg line infantry could do as Baden infantry with a different coat of paint?

    1. Hi Jon, you have some interesting wildlife in your neck of the woods. I visited my uncle a few years ago on Vancouver Island, and I was always a bit wary of the signs warning walkers to keep an eye out for bears, wolves and cougar. Over here the biggest thing in the wild is the red deer and there's nothing that can eat you whilst you can still run!

      I guess you could use Wurtemberg infantry although their helmets are more Austrian in appearance with the peak at the back and a plume on the fusiliers, both of which are absent on the Baden Kaskets. This would be less obvious in 18mm, but I'm guessing you're looking at 28mm where it might be more noticeable.