Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Early War German Armour

Back in June last year I showcased the work of fellow DWG member Andy B who has a very nice collection of WWII figures and vehicles.

At this month's club meeting Andy brought along some early war German armour, with some very nice specialist versions of the early model Sdkfz 251, showing the ambulance version with canvas cover, the line laying model and the signals vehicle complete with signalers in head sets.

Sdkfz 251c/8 Ambulance

All these vehicles have lovely attention to detail and look nicely weathered, perfect for Barbarossa 1941 or a quick drive into Greece and the Balkans.

Sdkfz 251c/3 Funkpanzerwagen

Sdkfz 251c/11 Line laying vehicle

In addition Andy had some nice Panzer 1 models from Minairons who have spcialist range of AFV's for the Spanish Civil War era, but also come in handy for early war. The command variant is a metal model but works well with the Minairons plastics.


  1. Nice mix of beautiful minis and historical pctures!

  2. Thanks for your comments guys. Andy is a talented painter and I never tire of seeing additions to his collections, so I thought I would share them.

  3. Great pictures JJ, thanks to everybody for the kind comments, Stug B's and Panzer 1VF1's just finishing up atm :)