Friday, 12 June 2015

D Day Vehicle Rally - Cobbaton Combat Collection

Last Saturday was the anniversary of D Day and also our gathering to play our Battle of the River Imjin game,

which happened to be just up the road from the Cobbaton collection in North Devon.

Devon played a major role in the preparations for D Day playing host to several of the Allied divisions that would be in the vanguard of the landings and providing training areas, often at the great inconvenience of the locals, for the troops involved. The north Devon coast was used extensively for assault training for the US forces and the remains of those exercises together with numerous photos of them exist as a record of those summer days in 1944.

In celebration of the D Day landings, military vehicle enthusiasts had gathered at the Cobbaton Collection and we were lucky to be around as the convoy of WWII vehicles set off to the coast; and I grabbed a few pictures as they passed by.

The weather on this D Day was a lot better than the actual day, but the sight of these old vehicles driving along a Devon road was very reminiscent of those pictures of similar vehicles making their way through the bocage of France, give or take the odd T shirt!

Next up 3/24e Ligne and play testing the Sword & Spear Ancient Rules at the DWG

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  1. I am impressed that you were out of bed in time to take the pictures JJ !