Thursday, 24 November 2016

Spanish 2nd Cavalry Division at Talavera

The Spanish 2nd Cavalry Division led by Lieutenant General Jose Maria de la Cueva, Duc de Albuquerque
General Albuquerque heads up the Spanish 2nd Cavalry Division that finishes off a project started back in August of this year and now just leaves the Spanish infantry division under General Bassecourt as the last fighting force to be completed to play the afternoon assault at Talavera.

José María de la Cueva, 14th Duke of Albuquerque and
commander of the Spanish 2nd Cavalry Division at Talavera
If you wish to view the regiments separately or read the plan outlined for completing the division then just follow the links below.

2nd Spanish Cavalry Division - Lieutenant General Duque de Albuquerque
Infante Cavalry Regiment
Alcantara Cavalry Regiment
Pavia Dragoon Regiment
Almanza Dragoon Regiment
1st & 2nd Hussars of Estremadura

The map illustrates the position of the northern valley forces (left) and the Spanish forces deployed to support the Cerro de Medellin. Note the 'Spanish Horse' tucked in behind Anson's and Fane's brigades presenting a formidable cavalry force.
From left to right, front rank, Infante Cavalry Regiment, Alcantara Cavalry Regiment, 1st & 2nd Estremaduran Hussars
Rear rank Almanza and Pavia Dragoon Regiments
A total number of approximately 2,500 men is split between effectively five full regiments or twenty squadrons and has the Estremaduran Hussars amalgamated into one unit of four squadrons and sees the squadron of Carabineros Reales being attached out to the other regiments of dragoons and heavies at a generic four squadrons. Each squadron equates to an average squadron strength of about 125 men each.

So what's next? Well obviously Bassecourt's infantry, but I thought in the lead up to seasonal festivities it might be fun to finish off the French forces by completing the General Staff and so next up will be King Joseph, Marshal Jourdan, Marshal Victor their staff and the remaining French general officers.

In addition to the painting I will be rolling out the plans for the Talavera game going into the new year, plus a few other things!


  1. Top looking troops!!! There's just that something about that yellow Dragoon uniform!!

    1. Cheers Ray, yes it is rather eye catching. They should look quite intimidating lined up behind Fane and Anson's boys.

  2. Look good as a division.
    Playing the night attack tonight at the club then the morning attack in a fortnight as prequels to the main attack as a Saturday game in January.

    1. Thanks Tony and have fun. It's great just anticipating the games as well as playing them.

  3. They look great, I look forward to the French command. I went to Badajoz yesterday the citadel /castle is well preserved , you can see the slope the British had to scale it's really steep makes you appreciate the difficulty in storming the castle. The narrow streets are also quite evocative when you think of what happened after the town had fallen, definitely worth a look.
    Best Iain

    1. Thanks Iain. Great stuff, I believe the castle is a Parador Hotel which would be amazing to stay at given the history. I would love to have a go at recreating the assault at some stage. I can just see red coat columns intermixed with scaling ladders amid saps and rubble.
      It's definitely on my visit list so thanks for the reminder.