Sunday, 19 February 2017

Augustus to Aurelian Chits & Cards Update and other related stuff

All sets of chits sprayed matt white with the Barbarian blue set to do next
Last month I let you know about a set of chits available from Sally 4th for those of us who don't particularly love shuffling cards, but do love randomised activation

So I thought I would share my experience preparing them for playing with.

As you can see Roman set red are done and after a bit of trial and error I found the best way to get these chits colour coded was to spray the face up side matt white and apply a black wash to the detail and then tidy them up with brush on acrylic white.

I then colour coded them using a red sharpie pen, job done!

My Roman set red all done and dusted

It takes a bit of time and I will give them a spray of matt varnish, just to give them a bit more protection to wear and tear, but I think they have come up ok.

As you can see the Barbarian blue set have just had the wash applied so they are next up.

Also, this week I had a chance to do what most wargamers love to do in their spare time when not painting and that's messing about with ideas you have worked on, left alone and reviewed.

I wasn't completely happy with my AtoA unit cards and I needed to add some for officers showing their stats so these are the latest versions which are much smaller so shouldn't dominate the table.

The nice thing about the officer cards is that I can put a spare number chit on the appropriate card to identify a particular commander for chit drawing.

AtoA has a neat system of limiting Roman legionaries to one round of pilum fire in any one game and it is important to record when that fire has been used up and I think I might have found a neat way of indicating that, as well as some disorder and shaken markers - more on those ideas later.

Carrying on with the Ancients theme I am now the proud possessor of Warbases Hurlingstone Villa together with a front wall and gate to complete the complex.

I featured this new range of 28mm Roman buildings after my visit to Warfare last November and I am really looking forward to putting this model together. 

With plans to do games with raiding Dacian and Sarmatian warbands along the Danube into Roman Moesia, this will make a really nice objective/backdrop piece of terrain.

In addition to my new Villa, I also picked up a copy of 'Roman Empire at War' by Don Taylor, to support some research into the historical record when putting scenarios together

Next up the 1/2 Spanish Marines are done and based with just the ground texturing to do before their photo-shoot.

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