Tuesday, 14 March 2017

Augustus to Aurelian & Dux Britanniarum - Game Markers & Cards

New markers from Warbases and Big Red Bat Shop
Progress continues with preparation for a shift of focus onto the Dacian Wars collection with some new markers for Augustus to Aurelian (A to A) rules.

To key states of a units order need to be indicated, namely when they become disordered and shaken and I wanted my markers to be clear and impactful so I can use them to help tell the story of the game with the pictures I use.

The 'Disorder' marker is from Simon Miller's useful range of markers he has produced for his 'Too the Strongest' rule-set and works well alongside the 'Shaken' marker from Warbases with a similar jagged edged border to help emphasise the impact.


One other key aspect with A to A is to indicate when a legionary unit has used its pilum in combat and I have been looking around for a suitable marker and Simon came up trumps yet again with his shock markers using a pilum motif that was easily adapted for my own planned use.

My completed activation chits for A to A
I have now completed a set of Roman and Barbarian red on blue chits available from Sally 4th and was really pleased with how they came out once coloured up. I just have to finish off a duplicate set, colours reversed for Roman v Roman and Barbarian v Barbarian match ups.

And finally I have been looking around for suitable rules to cover some of the smaller raid type games to use with my Roman/Dacian collection and so I put together some suitably adjusted Dux Britanniarum cards to try them out at some stage.

With Victrix announcing pre-orders for their first Legionary box set this week, I am really looking forward to getting this collection motoring.


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    1. My pleasure Simon, always happy to 'share the love'

  2. "Goad", I like the idea !


    1. I think we might have some fun changing Dux Brit to Dux Dacia!