Wednesday, 15 November 2017

Mr Steve's Book Review Poll

As regular followers of JJ's Wargames will know, Book Reviews form a big part of the posts on the blog and I am helped with that content by the contributions of Mr Steve who adds to the value of this blog by covering historical reading that would not necessarily fall into my orbit, just as my regular diet of books would not necessarily match his.

Thus we are able to create synergy where the coming together of our joint reading habit produces a greater product than either one alone and hopefully makes this a more entertaining read for you. Don't you just love the thought that goes on here and some of you were probably thinking this thing just gets thrown together!

Last week Mr Steve had me entertain the idea of bringing a little democracy to this corner of the internet by considering opening up the blog to the views of its readers, and allowing you to have some say on the content!

A wise man once advised not to ask a question unless you already knew the answer, something I am sure David Cameron regrets to this day.

So in the spirit of seeing whether you care about the stuff that gets posted up here, and a curiosity as to whether you can be bothered to express any particular desires to input into the process I have been persuaded by Mr Steve to ask the question.

From the following list, which book would you like Mr Steve to review first?

1. The First Anglo-Sikh War - Amarpal Singh
2. The Second Sikh War - Amarpal Singh
3. British & Indian Army Campaigns on the North West Frontier 1849-1908 - Captain H.L. Neveill
4. The Second Barons War, Lewes and Evesham - John Sadler
5. The Roman Emperor Aurelian - John White

I know which one is my choice, but in the spirit of honest broker and interested onlooker I will refrain from expressing a preference and leave the choice to you.


  1. Well someone better add something to prove the concept!

    Number 3 for me


  2. The Barons War, its a period that doesnt get any coverage and it would be nice to see some wargames coverage in the future.

  3. #3 or #5. #3 as that topic simply intrigues me, and #5 because JJ has unintentionally motivated me to start dabbling in Roman miniatures and this book might be of interest.

  4. In truth I'd prefer a more open list, allowing the likes of "Blood of Sanguinius" by Darius Hinks.

    From the list provided, Number 4 The Barons War would be my choice, as it is closest to my first choice.