Sunday, 10 February 2019

Over the Hills Second Edition - Kickstarter

A British Square at Quatre Bras takes pride of place on the cover of Over the Hills Second Edition

The second edition of Over the Hills Napoleonic Rules are up on Kickstarter since Friday and have already reached their funding goal of £2000 since they went live.

If you were thinking of getting into Over the Hills to play your Napoleonic games, and why wouldn't you after reading the games played with the set here on JJ's and other wargaming sites, then now would seem to be an opportune moment with the new updated version of the rules already funded and set for delivery in April at a UK price of £29.00 including P&P.

Over the Hills 2nd Edition - Kickstarter

Having seen a preview of the rules I can see the chaps have very much tidied up what we had originally in the first edition with a lot of the the original rules reordered into a much more accessible format with everything relating to a specific area under one section, and as someone who took the time to do that with my revised QRS that Steve M an I used for the test games of O'er the Hills I think this is great and makes the second edition much better for that.

The new rules follow the format of the latest publications and have the period map backing to each page supported with good diagrams to illustrate play and colour pictures of Napoleonic collections in action, everything expected in modern rule-sets today.

In addition the chaps have taken on board the feedback and game time experience from players that got to grips with first edition and have included that into these rules and so we see among others changes the inclusion the d10/d6 conversion table for those players preferring to roll a different set of bones and we now have a new rule for rallying brigades that have broken off due to fatigue point failure.

The latter change I was particularly pleased to see included as a Peninsular War enthusiast, as now you have a chance to rally those weak, two battalion, British brigades that appear early in the Peninsular War and are rather vulnerable to a few casualties and a bit of manoeuvre to early fatigue loss.

With a successful rally, this rule will allow those affected brigades to rally in a rear area and not go off the table thus potentially affecting the overall army morale in a negative way.

Over the next month of the Kickstarter the chaps at Stand to Games will be highlighting these and other changes to the rules  and the Over the Hills - Facebook Page is a really good place to monitor whats happening along with the Kickstarter page for any updates.

As well as getting a copy of the new Over the Hills you can also add in an order to your pledge for a copy of the AWI, ACW rules and the O'er the Hills Peninsular War Scenario book at the same time.

I really like the look of this second edition and although very familiar and comfortable with the first  have supported this updated and improved one by ordering up a copy in time for when I want to start looking at the next set of Peninsular War games I have in mind not to mention running some games from O'er the Hills at the DWG for club members interested in playing OTH.

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