Sunday, 15 March 2020

War of the Ring at the Devon Wargames Group

I was having much fun yesterday, letting down my historic wargaming credentials with an indulgence of Lord of the Rings fantasy gaming recreating the drama of the Battle of Pelennor Fields from Tolkien's great book.

As you will see the game was complimented with great scenery and great painting from Mel one of our game hosts, alongside Lee and Jamie, and she also helped in managing the many cats or fellow club members, as we got to grips with playing War of the Ring, the GW Mass Battle rules from yore.

I am a big fan of the Middle Earth series of books by Tolkien and am at present two thirds through a second reading of Lord of the Rings as well as enjoying the uncut versions of the Peter Jackson films. In addition I am looking forward to visiting many of the sites presented in the film later this year, so a lot of boxes got ticked yesterday along with a very enjoyable game.

If you would like to see more of our game then just follow the link to the club blog

and you can also see more of Lee's adventures in the hobby and no doubt more stuff about their figure collections on his blog

Next up I have a book review and hopefully a report on a very interesting trip planned, Chinese Bat Flu allowing, not to mention more adventures at sea with the All at Sea collection of ships.


  1. Great looking game! Thanks for sharing it and the links.

  2. Gorgeous units and walls, looks superb!

  3. Thanks JJ, we are pleased you all had fun and enjoyed our take on the game. We look forward to putting on more games for you all in the future 😁👍

  4. Brilliant looking game JJ. I love the figures for this period and am desperately trying to play using the LOTR milieu as a To the Strongest game.

  5. Thanks for your comments chaps, glad you enjoyed the link, I know all involved really enjoyed the game.

    Lee - Thanks mate, based on your first tour de force, I look forward to seeing some more games at club.


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