Sunday, 25 August 2013

French 26th Dragoons - AB figures

So back to the painting,
My final dragoon regiment to complete my second brigade of three regiments allows me to field the six regiments required for my Vimiero big game coming up. In addition I now have a suitable force of French Dragoons to field as my Reserve Cavalry Division in most Peninsular scenarios.

I know these aren't the 26th Regt. , but it's how I imagine my fine fellows will look when they next face the "British Leopard"

Introducing the 26th French Dragoons, another unit that has the war record to qualify as a Peninsular War unit, serving right through from 1808 to 1813.

With three of the six regiments a French army can now bring to the table on show, I hope this picture will help convey how intimidating a force this will be for most British players, especially with the Horse artillery in tow, and very-very scary sight for my Spanish forces, when I get them done!!

Next up an old theme, French Light infantry but with a new range of figures.


  1. great figure. New line of figures? I'll look forward to them

  2. Great work that is a impressive looking Brigade
    Peace James

  3. Another fine looking regiment, Jonathan. Well done!

  4. Thanks guys, I'm really looking forward to getting all six regiments on the table.

    The new stuff is well underway, should be ready for next weekend!!

  5. Great looking dragons, love the basing too!

  6. Wonderful collection. Ive been doing research with no clue where to begin on my Four times Great Grandfather that was an artillery major in the 26th Dragoon division with Napoleon. Would that have had a distict uniform? Id love more info if you have.

    1. Hi Michaelangelo, thank you and welcome to the blog. I am at a bit of a loss as the artillery and the dragoons were afik two different arms with separate uniforms and distinctions. Would he possibly have been in the Horse Artillery that was often brigaded with the cavalry regiments? The Horse Artillery were considered an elite formation and had a very distinctive appearance compared to their colleagues in the Foot Artillery

    2. Michaelangelo, if, as I suspect, your relation was in the horse artillery, you can see my representation of them in my Corunna game ran in December. I have also suggested a link to see the dress of the French Horse Artillery