Monday, 5 August 2013

Keeping an eye out for future paint jobs

We arrived safely in Colombo, Sri Lanka on Sunday after a ten and a half hour flight and started our tour of the island today.

As we were driving to the Elephant Orphanage we saw these guys using the road we were on. A useful reference for future Pyrrhic paint jobs!


  1. Very impressive, what scale is it and who makes the figure?

    Have a nice holiday.

  2. Scale 1:1, made in Sri Lanka by Elephants R Us.

  3. Stop wasting time the Pyrrhics are finished including the elephants , get on with my German Cavalry ,I suggest you check the pool around 6.00am for people with Beach towels , after all they are Early Germans .

  4. Lol, The people from Sri Lanka really know how to do a fine paint job!