Sunday, 3 November 2013

Napoleon at War Basing Guide

Following a request for more information on the bases I use for my figures, I thought it might be helpful to post this link to Mike Whitaker's basing guide PDF

You can buy plastic bases for the Napoleon at War system, but I get mine cut in MDF and I like the look so have continued getting them cut to order. The bases work equally well for other systems and as you can see I use them for Carnage & Glory II games I have run.

The standard battalion would be six infantry bases with two skirmish bases. A light infantry battalion would be the same but with two extra skirmish bases. A standard cavalry regiment would be four cavalry bases. An artillery battery would be three bases plus a limber for my British and four bases plus a limber for my French (three bases for French Horse artillery batteries).

The command bases work to a common theme with a brigade commander mounted singly on an infantry size base, a divisional commander plus aide on a cavalry base and then you add another figure for a corps/army commander.

The basing system produces a "grand manner" look to the units and, as I say, is flexible enough to be used for other systems


  1. Who cuts your bases? They are impossible to buy as Man at War seems to be permanently out of stock....Thanks

  2. Hi Stephan, I have always used War Bases