Thursday, 21 November 2013

Royal Mail to restrict carriage of acrylic paint

A quick post to all my UK followers.

It appears that for no obviously good reason, Royal Mail are proposing to limit the carrying of water based acrylic paint to just four 150ml containers and will destroy orders over this limit.

If like me, you think this sounds ridiculous, then please follow the link below to register your details on a petition to get this stupidity stopped.


  1. It's not only bloody daft, it's also discriminatory. Thousands of disabled people are involved in all kinds of craft related hobbies and this debars them from acquiring goods.
    Strangely enough, our postie didn't know anything about it, but he bought it was a stupid idea too.

    I imagine TNT are laughing up their sleeve at this one.

    1. Hi Gary
      It really does make you wonder who gets paid to dream up this kind of stupid policy. Let's hope they have a rethink.

  2. It is utterly ridiculous but it is not discriminatory towards disabled people. The restriction applies to everyone not just dsiable people you know! :)

  3. Hi RC,
    I guess the effects of this ban may affect various groups of people more or less depending on circumstance. The net result is that all groups will be disadvantaged by this policy if it is carried through. Thanks for your comment