Sunday, 9 August 2015

Probe at La Cambe - Chain of Command

Yesterday I was down at the Devon Wargames Group running a Chain of Command game taken from the Pint Sized campaign covering the US 29th Infantry Division and its push along the road to Isigny in days following the landing at Omaha beach. I was fortunate to have the input from Jason and Nathan, to friends who know the rules a lot better than me, and so the game rolled along with lots of action.

I bought Chain of Command when the rules were first published and have picked up the campaign supplements as they have come out, but due to my commitment to the Napoleonic project have spent little time on getting to grips with them.

Yesterday confirmed my opinion that these are a very clever set of WWII rules and really take the game/simulation combination to a new level with their simple but detailed simulation of platoon level WWII combat. I am looking forward to spending more time in future playing them and think I will put together a purpose based set of figures to compliment the orders of battle.

As a bonus the game produced a nail biting finish that made a great afternoon at the club. If WWII gaming is your thing and you haven't checked out Chain of Command or the next level up, I Aint Been Shot Mum, then I would recommend both sets of rules to you.

You can read how the game went on the Devon Wargames blog.


  1. Like the look of these CoC rules - are you aware of any other 1 = 1

    1. Hi Rupert, there are quite a few sets out there. I guess the big one is Bolt Action, however I think you will find that Chain of Command is quite distinctive in that with the scaling and design it really works very well on the simulation end of the spectrum whilst still being a very playable enjoyable game. If you check out the Lardies blog they explain how the design was created to reward players for fighting their platoons as per the various national drill books with examples of play illustrating this point.
      I think versus other sets they are quite unique in this design and well worth checking out.

    2. Great, will do. Keen for 1-1 scale but without it becoming 'skirmish' gaming. I.e. Battle group a side, but at full scale, not scaled down.