Friday, 4 December 2015

Alfred the Great - The Great Heathen Army 871 AD, April Turn Ten

So that big hoard of Vikings is set to land at one end of the Temes and I don't have a lot to stop them doing pretty much what they like, so my only hope is to hold what I have for as long as I can and try and force a stalemate.

The towns nearest the Temes are likely to end up besieged and so they need troops to help them hold out whilst still leaving the field army a threat in being to manoeuvre against any weak spots in the Viking offensive.

The dishing out of thirty warriors to the Royal Estates has forced me to recombine the army and I wait in the middle ground to see where the Vikings will strike. I will have to make the best of what I have as I wont get any reinforcements until the end of April (two moves time). Let's hope that wont be too late.

Interesting Viking move swinging their forces to the right, calling in their outliers and using their river mobility to mass with the Great Summer Army, forming two large forces. I suspect using one to lay siege to a tempting target whilst the other makes sure my field army and garrisons behave during the process.

I thought the left would have been moved on trying to get at my weaker estates before they could reinforce. The Viking move has given me a bit more time to prepare a welcoming party and possibly put a stop to their sailing activity. I have to be careful though not to spread myself too thin for as the saying goes - "he who defends everything defends nothing".

I wonder what Ragnar thinks about his situation as he sounded overly concerned in his last musings. The game is presenting problems for both sides as the Saxons aren't quite powerful enough to risk a full on battle and the Vikings have to take some very strong positions to get a hold on victory or corner Alfred and Aelthred and kill them.

Viking Comments Turn 10

Guthrum arrives at last, Halfdan and his army sail down the Thames to join up and together they set off after the Saxons, I leave sufficient troops in London to both defend it and to continue raiding wherever possible.

With only four Viking moves after this to go then I need to force a decisive battle and or start taking towns which is probably the more likely option. This does mean that I will lose men both to storming actions and to garrison duties so this will have to be closely watched.

Hopefully I can force the Saxons apart and negate the problem of weakening my army.


  1. Interesting. Is he going to block off your field army whilst he moves by river to beseige Welengaford ? It would might draw you to battle or leave the garrison to tough it out.



    1. Isn't it just. Well I do know the answer to that question, as we ran through the next move almost immediately and it will be up tomorrow. Suffice to say I was keen to try and tie the Vikings up for or a while which will explain my moves in response and "Mr Steve's" subsequent moves to counter them.