O'er the Hills Early Peninsular War Scenario Book

O'er the Hills Early Peninsular War Scenario Book
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Friday, 13 April 2018

Romano-Dacian Terrain Build Part Three

Progress has continued in the week on finishing off my first few pieces of terrain for the Romano-Dacian collection and the character of these models is starting to show with the application of a few colours.

No work on these today though as I am off to the monthly meeting of the DWG in Exeter where I will be hosting my first game of Dux Bellorum with the Saxon/Viking collection finished off earlier this year along with Mr Steve who will hopefully be contributing a few of his Scots and Irish to bolster numbers so we can include a few players a side.

I am hoping to 'break the back' of this little project tomorrow and put up a few close ups in the week when they are finished.

I have also picked up a couple of blank MDF terrain bases from Products for Wargamers so I can start practising putting together some other scatter terrain items along with some new trees.

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  1. Very nice! Can't wait to see them on the table with the troops