Sunday, 6 October 2013

Oporto Bell Tower - 100th Post

Continuing the theme of terrain and completing my 100th post, I thought I might share some pictures of my Oporto bell tower.

Way back on the 7th April, I discussed my Spring plans, which focused on three projects; Pulling together the forces for Vimiero, done, getting a scenario together to run a Corunna scenario, probably to run at Xmas, done, and finally buy a model bell tower to add to my terrain for the Crossing of the Douro or the Battle of Oporto.

Well I bought the model, discussed at Salute in April, so whilst building rivers I thought I might as well get it done at the same time.


Just as a reminder the picture above illustrates the harbour scene of Oporto at about the same time period of the battle with the bell tower to be clearly seen in the right background. I imagine it would have made an excellent observation post for General Foy when he finally spotted the British crossing the river.

The only similar model I could find was this offering from JR models which I picked up from Magister Militum

The version I bought is an all in one creation with the roof attached. My only additions were to attach a 30mm square plastic base to the bottom of the model to give it more stability on the table and with the addition of some brick work plastic card to one of my artillery size bases produce a cobble stone second base to allow it to stand alone from other buildings.

I decided not to glue it to the cobblestone base so that I can put it up close to other buildings.

I am imagining this building with some dismounted French officers, telescopes in hand, with their horses close by, on a hill on the edge of the city, overlooking the British troops being ferried across to the Seminary building

The plasticard cobblestones have given me some other ideas on recreating the waterfront area with the Port Wine warehouses behind, backing on to a hill, with the houses of the city behind.


  1. Interesting, being a lover of both wargaming and Port wine, I will follow this post with added interest.

    I think the tower works well and the painting is great.

    Thank you for posting the images.


  2. A fine addition Jonathan!

  3. Thanks guys, glad you like my new piece. Working on the terrain for Vimiero has given me lots of ideas about how to create an urban landscape on a gorge above a river and to transition the urban to the rural. The more I work with roof felt the more I am appreciating its uses with terrain mats. I'll post some thoughts on this nearer the game. In the mean time it's back to painting units.
    The 1st Provisional Battalion are on the desk at the moment.