Sunday, 11 May 2014

Muskets & Tomahawks - First Game

Muskets & Tomahawks Game - Devon Wargames Group
Yesterday I was at the monthly gathering of the Devon Wargames Group, DWG, where due to new members and various people checking out the club, we are now putting on three games to cater for the numbers.

On offer from members of the club was 28mm Muskets & Tomahawks, 15mm Chain of Command and 28mm French Foreign Legion vs Arabs, not a bad menu of games I think.

I took part in the M&T game as I have two copies of the rules (don't ask why!), love the period, have painted up figures for friends but have until yesterday never played.

I have to say these rules are great and I really had a blast playing them. Although the mechanisms of card play and various modes of combat are simple they are by no means simplistic and the chrome of character missions and variable circumstances that can crop up really make them a joy to play. I was thinking as I was playing them how easy these would be to use for a mini campaign.

What I really liked about the system is a truism I have learnt from playing the Lardies family of games, namely the marker of a really good system is the ability to play it in as shorter time as possible without reference to a quick reference sheet; in no time at all that's just what we were doing and the game just whizzed along.

I am really looking forward to playing these again, although I am very conscious that I have enough projects on the go to avoid being sidetracked into another.....sigh! What I would say is if you love anything to do with Muskets and Tomahawks and you haven't played these rules, seriously check them out.

If you would like to see a report and more pictures of the game yesterday, just follow the link to the Devon Wargames Group - Muskets & Tomahawks AAR .

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