Sunday, 16 October 2016

Brodir of Man and the Scots

As you will know from my previous post on Penda and the Saxon Theigns there is a gathering of forces in the west in readiness for the great Dark Ages clash outside of Exeter at the December meeting of the Devon Wargames Group.

The game is set to be a straight up shield wall melee using Dux Britaniarum and for some us this means getting hold of some figures to contribute to the end of year club game in which all members are invited to join in.

Mr Steve has decided to come at this game from a Gaelic angle and so I thought you might like to see these Scots Theigns and Brodir of Man from the Saga range of figures from Gripping Beast that I have just finished for him.

Gripping Beast figures are a lot of fun to paint with loads of character and detail just crying out for a bit of brush work.

The shield decals from LBM just finish off the look. I have links to these manufacturers in the side bar and to these specific figures at the bottom of the post.

I didn't know much about Brodir until Steve game me the figure. I have attached a link just in case you were as ignorant as me.

I checked out the Gripping Beast interpretation of this figure and knowing imitation is the sincerest form of flattery grabbed the look of the tunic with the interlace pattern on the hem and sleeves which looked perfect.

I think Brodir should look ideal setting about the enemy shield wall in full battle cry.

Next up I have a book review and then on to the Spanish Pavia Dragoons

Brodir and Ospak of Man
Gripping Beast Brodir Of Man
Gripping Beast SS02 Scots Thegns Hearthguards


  1. Very pretty JJ. I know "Mr Steve" likes shiny toys. I wonder if he will want a refund if they run away on turn 2 ? Or is it a case of "no money back, no guarantee ?"


  2. Allowing my name to be associated to a product is usually sufficient

  3. THey look superb and fierce, love the shields...and the impressive faces!

  4. Thanks chaps, glad you like them