Friday, 14 March 2014

New AWI/Napoleonic 18mm Flags at GMB

If like me you are a fan of GMB flags you might like to know that they will have a new range of AWI flags available, see details below. With the re-launch of Polly Oliver figures, which I posted about on my trip to Plymouth PAW last month, and the 18mm range from Blue Moon, these new AWI flags and Colours will be a welcome addition to the 15mm/18mm collector.

New American Revolutionary War 1776
(In AB compatible 18mm) six flags in each pack

British Infantry Regiments
The first seven packs are for Brandywine  - with additional packs to add Regiments for other battles.
ARWB01   4th, 23rd and 28th  Regiments of Foot
ARWB02   5th, 10th and 27th  Regiments of Foot
ARWB03   49th, 40th and 55th  Regiments of Foot
ARWB04   1st & 2nd batts 71st Foot and Queen's Rangers
ARWB05  15th, 17th and 42nd Regiments of Foot
ARWB06   37th, 33rd and 46th  Regiments of Foot
ARWB07  44th, 28th and Foot Guards  Regiments
ARWB08   9th, 21st and 45th  Regiments of Foot
ARWB09  20th, 22nd and 47th  Regiments of Foot

Hessian Regiments
ARWH01 Erbprinz, Donop and Mirbach Infantry Regiments

Continental/American Regiments 
ARWA01  Sons of Liberty flags ( vertical stripes )
ARWA02  Virginia Militia
ARWA03 Liberty flags ( white )
ARWA04  Liberty flags ( Red & blue)
ARWA05  Massachusetts Pine tree flags ( variants )
ARWA06  New England 'an appeal to heaven'  ( variants)
ARWA07 Betsy Ross ( stars and stripes ) x6
ARWA08  South Carolina ( 1st, 2nd & 3rd Regts )
ARWA09  Connecticut ( 1st - 3rd Regts )
ARWA10  Connecticut ( 4th - 6th Regts )
ARWA11  South Carolina Crescent flags
ARWA12  New York ( 1st & 3rd regts included )
ARWA13  North Carolina
ARWA14  Colonial merchant ( horizontal stripes )
ARWA15  Pennsylvania Militia
ARWA16  Rattlesnake flags
ARWA17  Rhode Island
ARWA18  New Hampshire militia ( includes Stark's )
ARWA19  Grand Division flags - blue
ARWA20 Grand Division flags - red
ARWA21  Grand Division flags - buff
ARWA22  Grand Division flags - white
ARWA23  Grand Division flags - blue
ARWA24 Ex King's militia flags ( altered )

ARWA25  Congress or Continental flag 1777  ( 2 versions - stars in square or border )

In addition they will be adding 1812 French, Wurttemburg and Saxon Napoleonics in the next week or two, and we can expect a range for the Crimean War.

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