Thursday, 20 March 2014

Oporto Table Build - Day Three & Four

Day three has seen the finishing off of the basic ground work with the liquid foam squirted in to various cavities and then trimmed down. This has enabled the construction of the path up to the seminary and once dried last night I commenced the plastering around the bark.

Then I ran out of plaster so I thought I would use the time going to the hardware store to call in at Wilsons Paints Ltd, supplier of paint and varnishes to Her Majesty the Queen, but also supplier to me of a very useful shade of earth brown that together with a primer of matt black should give me a good base to work with when trying to tie my boards in with the terrain mat.

The trip to Wilsons was then completed by a trip to Buffers Model Railways to pick up various flocks scenic tufts and stuff. I really like Buffers, where not only do you get excellent knowledgeable service but a mug of tea while you browse.

So when I got back this afternoon, I got the second board done and plastered. Everything ready to cover everything in ballast prior to starting the paint work.

Day Four:
Took advantage of the fact that it wasn't raining and got outside to put the ballast on. I will give this a further coat of PVA to seal it all on and then it's on to the black primer followed by the earth base coat and work on the rocks

So while this lot is setting, I can now get on with finishing off the Roman Auxiliary Cavalry as the Little Big Men Studios shield decals turned up this morning. In addition the 2/10th Portuguese infantry are nearing completion, so more anon.


  1. Nice work, I cant wait to see the finished table!

    1. Hi Thomas, thank you. You and me together. I find you are never quite sure how these kind of projects will turn out until they are done.

    2. Well today, after seeing the finished terrain board, I think the journey came to a good end. One of the best things about this hobby is a project where you don't know where you'll be going but in the end everything will turn out just fine.