Sunday, 12 April 2015

A Special Old Lady visits the Devon Wargames Group

I get my picture taken with Flossie, what a gal!
The second Saturday of each month is club day at the Devon Wargames Group.

I spent the afternoon enjoying an American Civil War Game with Steve H playing with his 28mm ACW collection and using Fire & Fury Regimental rule set; yes you read that correctly, I was playing ACW or as Steve describes the period "Napoleonics on steroids"

You can see how the game went on the report posted on the DWG blog

In addition to all the wargames fun, Mr Ian T, fellow DWG member and good friend, brought his new lady friend to club. Ian struck up relationship with this lady in the middle of last year and kept threatening to bring her to meet everyone in the club, explaining that her name was Flossie, her birthday was in 1943, but being a lady we couldn't be more precise than that and that she only came out on nice days when she was feeling well.

Can we get one Dad?

After a time with all the promises that Flossie would be coming next month and due to various excuses she never appeared, Flossie began to attain the status reserved for Mermaids and Unicorns, something you wanted to believe in but were afraid to let your friends know that you did.

Dad can we? I really want one.

Well yesterday myth turned into reality and Ian proudly introduced the new girl in his life. Temperamental, demanding lots of love and respect, just like any woman, Flossie is an original 1943 British Army issue Jeep all decked out in 51st Highland Division (The heroes of Operation Epsom - 1944, to name but one of their battle honours) colours.

This vehicle is a classic illustration of the motor vehicle pared down to the very basics, complete with a fuel tank right under the drivers seat canvass cushion. Going for a spin in Exeter yesterday morning and hearing the engine roaring along in its top third gear and seeing the effort to move the steering wheel at slow speed was a delight.

Back in 1944 vehicles like Flossie would have been a common site in the streets of Exeter, hardly worth a glance, but yesterday her novelty drew admiring looks and a recognition of military history in motion, or perhaps it was Vince in the back that was causing a stir.

That is the look of falling in love with your first girl friend

Ian is working on researching more information about Flossie, and she might end up sporting the colours of our local team  2nd Battalion, The Devonshire Regiment, "The Devons" who landed with the 50th Division on Gold Beach, D Day.

I'm not sure what that look is, but I know Vince was having fun.
Thanks to Ian for bringing Flossie to the club, the drive in the morning will be a memory to treasure.

Next up Book Review, "Incomparable, Napoleon's 9th Light Infantry Regiment"


  1. She is about your age JJ, although I think you have competition from a younger blade.

    Nice to have a ride in the old girl, but my back didn't think so !


    1. Touché!
      Yeah not much in the way of creature comforts with these vintage vehicles, I don't think my back could take a moderate journey in Flossie. I'm not sure if that says more about us or the Jeep.

    2. I suspect it means she has worn the years rather better than us.