Saturday, 14 November 2015

Alfred the Great - The Great Heathen Army 871 AD, January Turn Two

Having heard of the move and attack on Welengaford by the Viking army and its subsequent repulse, King Aethelred took a large part of the Wessex army north, an Earl and thirty warriors, and re-took Readingum.

Prince Alfred remained in Basengas and was reinforced by troops from Wintanceaster, giving him a force of two Earls and twenty warriors with an Earl and five warriors of Wilton marching to the Wessex capital to garrison the city.

The Saxon position looks stronger with most of the Temes clear of Vikings, but the options are limited with too few troops and no potential reinforcements until next turn.

The one thing that is clear from our first turn is that fortified hexes can be costly to assault, having to break in through the walls with a 33% chance of succeeding, only then can you bring your full force to bear against the garrison. If you fail to breach, that +3 or +4 defence factor will inflict casualties on you times the number of troop types in the garrison plus whatever the garrison can hit you with. That explains why King Halfdan called off his failed assault with nine men down. The siege option is much safer but the luxury of having the time to pursue it may only present once one of the armies is significantly weaker than the other.

If you go for the big battle or major assault, it had better be worth it and not leave you so depleted that you can't resist the counter-attack to follow, or that you can resupply soon after to replace your casualties.

I quite like the little challenge this game presents both sides.

King Halfdan's right hand man, "Mr Steve" seen cooling the Viking masses
outside of  Welengaford. That's quite a good likeness!!
After a rethink outside of Welengaford, King Halfdan leads the Viking army, King Bagsecg, eight Jarls and fifty one warriors off through the snow and into the county of Wiltunseir, towards the Royal estate at Cippanhamm, with its garrison of an Earl and ten warriors. I am sure they will enjoy the countryside with the odd big hill, often with a large white horse stencilled on to the side of it.

January Turn Three to follow and a Saxon resupply turn.

But first a comment from the Viking camp

Viking Turn Two

The Saxons continue to advance with their main army and occupy an empty Readingum , I wonder if I should have left a garrison ?

What to do, well given the example of Welengaford it would appear to be suicidal to attack them so let’s continue moving off to the West and see if they give chase.

Before I decide my move I better check to see if terrain has any effect on battle, hmm apparently not, only towns so it doesn't matter were I end my move.

 (This true account of events has been smuggled out in a dead Saxons skull in the hope that it will counter-act the anti Viking lies being spread in this blog). Ed. Comment - As if!!


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