Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Alfred the Great - The Great Heathen Army 871 AD, January Turn Three

Well this was supposed to be the move when the war against the Viking invader shifted irrevocably in favour of Wessex, with the January third turn and the first Resupply turn in favour of the Saxons with the Vikings getting their first resupply next turn in February.

The resupply phase is an opportunity to reinforce your army and for the Saxons is dependent on holding Royal Estates and keeping them and other sites free of Vikings. With all the sites in Wessex free of enemy troops I could gather in 40 resupply points allowing me to buy Earls for five points a piece and warriors at one point per man.

I decided to go for it, buying an Earl and thirty-five warriors and reinforcing Aethelred  to two Earls sixty-five warriors at Readingum in preparation for a march on Lundene to assault and take the city.
As pointed out in the previous post you only have a 33% chance of breaching in an assault and Lundene is unusual in that I cannot lay siege to it, my preferred option.

Taking Lundene would be very useful in that it would remove all Viking presence on the Temes and stop them re-supplying next month, so hopefully the extra warriors I had bought would allow me to buy my way in to deal with the Viking garrison.

So after three failed assaults in which I threw a one every time my Saxon force is sat outside Lundene thirty-three warriors light and with the Vikings able to reinforce next turn. C'est la guerre.

The failure of Aethelred's attack on Lundene is about to reap its reward as the Viking army moves out into the countryside to occupy villages and monasteries to take advantage of their re-supply phase next turn.

Interesting game as the pendulum looks likely to swing in the direction of the Vikings.

The House of Wessex faces it's darkest hour!

Viking Remarks - Turn Three 

The Saxons have advanced on London but as there is not much I can do about that I might as well trust to luck and see what damage elsewhere I can cause.
Also this move the Saxons have announced the results of their supply turn so I take a quick look at the game turn chart and apparently mine is next so I read up the rules on supply. Hmm it looks like I need to occupy areas of the map with numbers on.
Fortunately my march West has brought me into range of numerous villages so I order the army to disperse and to garrison as many as possible. The one thing I check is to make sure each group is strong enough to discourage Saxon attacks from Chippenham.
At the end of my move I have London worth four points and five other points from the Western army.

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