Thursday, 19 November 2015

Alfred the Great - The Great Heathen Army 871 AD, February Turn Four

It is February 871 AD and with the failed assault on Lundene, Eathelred is forced to retire back to Readingum and regroup.

King Halfden has set his army to foraging in Wiltunseir and is set to gather in fifty-three re-supply points with the four villages each worth eleven points and the Abbey at Malmsbury worth nine points. thus allowing the pagans to reinforce with a minimum of fifty three warriors - dark days for Wessex!

As expected, the failure of the Saxon assault has allowed the Viking force to increase and use their force to surround and lay siege to Cippenhamm

A close up of the siege lines reveals what a lot of Vikings there are.

Oh dear, how sad, never mind!!

Viking Remarks -Turn 4

Just as I expected the tiny garrison of London throw the Saxons back with great loss, (is there no end to my tactical acumen). My total of nine supply points allows me to place another Jarl (5 points) plus four warriors into London to boost the garrison.
My army is now free to advance on Chippenham, with the skilful use of the road system I can just reach the last hex at the back which allows me to completely surround the town and with this achieved and remembering my bloody nose when last assaulting a town I place a siege marker down instead . The Saxons are at least three turns away so I can sit this out and see what happens


  1. Yet again the Viking true version of events is being repressed !! I wonder why I send you move reports . Anyway may I make a few corrections to the above :
    The supply points for the Vikings wasn't 53 points but only 9 .This is because there are 40 total supply points on the board shown as numbered hexes (eg Wantage +1).
    The Saxons will score all the areas that do not have any Vikings currently occupying it irrespective of Saxon garrison or not ,
    The Vikings only score if they have troops on a scoring hex
    There are also 6 Saxon re-supply turns against 3 for the Vikings
    A slightly pro-Saxon review I feel.

    1. Sorry Steve, I missed your report in all the fun and games with Dacians and Painting Tutorials.

      Your Viking supply was for Lundene the total villages and the religious site you occupied prior to launching your siege operation which I think was Lundene +4, the four villages at +1 each and Malmesbury +2 which I made 10 points, but what's 1 point between friends? Well in this case an extra Viking warrior.

      Yes the Saxon re-supply schedule at least helps to offset the "punch you in the face" Viking combat ability. I guess it compares Saxon "organizational" brains against Viking "I'm going to simply kill you" brawn.

      The sooner you lot convert to Christianity and start to inter-marry the better, cause the Normans will be here soon.

  2. Very interesting looking game. For some reason I always wonder if these things would translate well into a campaign map for fighting out the battles on the tabletop.

    1. Great minds think alike. As a low cost print and play game I thought I would take the time to play this through to see what the possibilities are and the ease of translating it into potential table top battles.

      Cyberboard makes this an even more practical campaign tool. If you don't want to play some of the contacts you could use the game to resolve them.

      I need to see what forces come into play that will drive our move decisions, but I think this and its follow up has plenty of potential.

  3. HI Guys,i do have a version of this game that can be played using 1/72 scale figures and plastic counters and i am working on a 28 mm (saga ) scale version as well.

  4. HI Guys, i do have a version that can be played using 1:72 scale figures and plastic counters and i am also working on a 28mm scale version, so that players into Saga can use their figures in the game.