Sunday, 3 March 2013

Busy Weekend Part Three

Ok so progress to date on my three projects.

All the Peninsular buildings, walls and assorted items are painted, varnished and in the box ready to be used.

I have produced about 70 assorted Woodlands Miniatures trees, all based ready to go.

Since starting this project I have got my rivers (see part two of this post) and this week took delivery of about 10 foot of flexible roads from Andrew at Terra Firma. In addition I have put together half a dozen wood bases and fields together with a couple of town area bases.

Hopefully my pictures give an idea of how my terrain is starting to shape up. I still plan to soften the town area bases with flock and I will add some additional crops such as vines and olives.

Once completed I will update the blog with some battle reports with the terrain in action.

Next up, the Portuguese Dragoons and French and British casualty markers!!

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