Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Painting Tutorial Part 3 - British and French Casualties

This final stage is by far the quickest as at this stage we are only applying relatively small amounts of paint. I find I can move quickly from figure to figure adding these highlights. As you can see I have endeavoured to avoid mixing lighter shades of any given colour, but occasionally you will have to.

The Brits with their final touches done
Ok so the final touches include:
Flesh - Vallejo 955 Flat Flesh
Red areas - Vallejo 910 Orange Red
Blue areas - Vallejo 965 Prussian Blue mixed with 820 Off White roughly 2:1
British Canteens - Vallejo 901 Pastel Blue
Brown Trouser/Back Packs - Vallejo 929 Light Brown
Buff Straps/gourds/bread bags, British jacket lacings - Vallejo 976 Buff
Metal work on muskets - Vallejo 865 Oily Steel
Yellow plumes and cuffs/collars - Vallejo 915 Deep Yellow
Green Plumes/chords - Vallejo 967 Olive Green
and lastly the French turn backs start out red, then add Cd'Arms 231 Mid Grey, topped off with Vallejo 820 Off White.

I will finish these guys off with Ronseal acrylic quick drying matt clear varnish, followed by a coat of Vallejo matt varnish thinned 50:50 with water, and that is job done apart from basing, but you know how to do that!!

One thing I would stress is that good reference books should be close at hand during painting, as it is easy to forget what item is what colour. I hope you find these painting guides helpful.