Friday, 8 March 2013

Portuguese Dragoons Part Two

Well after two nights way at a business meeting I was really keen to relax with a paint brush in my hand. I'm on duty at the Devon Wargames Group this weekend running my Rolica scenario using Napoleon at War, so my painting time will be limited to Sunday.

I'll post some pictures when completed, but these are the shots mounted on the stick with all highlighting finished, just varnishing and basing to do.

Troopers mounted and ready for varnishing

Bugler on the grey

The grey highlight on the helmet comb looks more pronounced in the picture than when viewed naturally

Officer in the centre


  1. Very nice but the blue on the figures' jacket is much lighter than the Osprey plate you display. Is the lighter color a trick of the camera or are the jackets on your figures a very light blue?

  2. Yes, the blue comes up a lot lighter in the pictures. The highlights look less pronounced in reality