Tuesday, 19 March 2013

World War II Naval Scenarios

One thing I  was very keen on, when starting this project, was to share ideas that could add value to visits to my blog for other gamers. I am very happy to make available scenarios and other aids that I have put together for my own use.

As regular followers will know, I have a broad taste in historical wargaming, and one period I am particularly keen on is WWII Naval for which I have a large collection of British, German, US and Japanese ships, mainly GHQ models which have superb detail.

HMS Exeter under fire and taking hits

I ran a couple of games last October and November at the Devon Wargames Group using scenarios I had adapted from a marvellous collection provided on Len's Naval Page as part of his Fire on the Water Rules.

HMS Jupiter having turned after launching her torpedoes is spotted by Karl Galster and is badly hit

I prefer to use my computer when it comes to WWII naval and turn to my old copy of Shipbase III a DOS based set of rules that always give a good game, and when I want a scenario to run I always refer to the massive collection that Len has kindly provided.

As part of my wanting to save myself time in setting up, I sat down a few years ago and rearranged Len's scenarios to give me a visual representation of the initial headings and positions of the ships with simple table top maps using 4"/1000yards as used in General Quarters rules and what I tend to set my Shipbase games to. I placed the initial headings in compass bearings ahead of the map markers so I could see at a glance where my models should be heading.

The scenarios are easily adaptable for any rule set and so I am posting pdf collections of each set based on a particular period and place in WWII. I hope you find them useful.

I haven't converted them all to pdf yet so will add to the collection over time, but to start the ball rolling I have put a link to the first two collections, "Red Flag and White Ensign" and the Narrow Seas", which contain the scenarios we played at the Devon Wargames Group, last year.

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