Sunday, 31 March 2013

New Wargames Table Finished

So the last post had the table construction finished in two days of sawing, nailing, screwing and sanding. Next jobs were staining the woodwork and cutting the insulation boards to go under the cloth.

The side panel released ready for staining

Dust sheets down, table masked ready for the wood stain
The next two days were a repeated application of several layers of wood stain to bring the bleached bone look of the new timber down to the warmer tones of Rosewood.

Thomas hard at work
And then it was done, with the insulation boards cut and in place, with the terrain mat in place and the wood looking lovely. Just need a few friends round with some figures on the table to let the good times flow.

A 9' x 5' table gives you acres of space especially when, like me, you game in 15/18mm.

Just to give an impression of how things will look I grabbed a few pieces of terrain and some of my WWII stuff and quickly put a show on. Somewhere in Poland late 1944 perhaps.

So that's the table project done, and a very satisfying way to spend an Easter bank holiday. Now back to the figure painting, which has continued whilst this project was happening. I have just finished off my Blue Moon British Foot Artillery so will post some comparison shots with my AB gunners in the next few days. Stay tuned.


  1. Great work. I like the folding shelves on the sides of the table. Should help to keep glasses, bottles & clutter off the table.

  2. Thanks Gozza, yes I'm looking forward to trying them out

  3. Very fine looking game table! Well done!

  4. Very fine table indeed - and your scenery looks nice too. Perhaps worthy of a post in itself? Also interested to see your efforts with the Blue Moon (perhaps we should be shortening that to BM?) British Foot Artillery. I wasn't very impressed by their British Peninsular Infantry, or late French Line but their guns look good. I was thinking AB crews and BM guns to save a little cash (says the man with a damaged back from picking up the box of unpainted 15mm Napoleonics).

  5. That is one beautiful table! Excellent job.

  6. I know envy is a bad feeling!!!

    But who couldn't envy your table!!!???

  7. Very impressive build !!!

    Looking very nice, well done !

    best regards Michael

    1. Thanks Michael, I'm looking forward to my first post of a game on it.