Monday, 29 July 2013

French 4th Dragoons - AB figures

So here we have the 4th Regiment of Dragoons to join the 20th that I completed last week. This now gives my French army five regiments of dragoons with one more required to roll out Vimiero (full fat).

The AB figures are a delight to paint and offer the painter loads of detail to emphasise and highlight. The sculpts are a marvel and an AB horse is a thing of beauty.

Anyway enough waxing lyrically about the gorgeousness of AB, what about the 4th Dragoons, I hear you say!

Well the 4th Dragoons tick all the boxes for a Peninsular War collector. These guys were already hardened veterans when they entered Spain in 1807 with Eylau and Friedland on their battle honours.

In Spain they were at Talavera, Albuera and Vittoria, and the icing on the cake , the 4th Provisional Dragoons were at Vimiero.

This will be my last posting about the units I am building for the next few weeks as I am off to Sri Lanka and the Maldives for a summer break and a Silver Wedding Anniversary. I will be taking the camera and laptop with me and hope to post some thoughts on scenarios, campaigns, books and other stuff while I am enjoying the break, but  the painting will continue on my return with some exciting projects coming up after the summer.

Wishing everyone a great summer and good times.


  1. Beautiful painting. I think AB's have got to be the best Napoleonic figures out there.

  2. have a great break, very nice dragoons!

  3. A splendid unit.
    Enjoy your holiday.

  4. Lovely stuff and I agree with Ray and yourself regards AB.

  5. Very nice unit, well done.