Monday, 29 May 2023

The Battle of Talavera, Dawn Attack, Part Two - Tiny Wars Played Indoors

Battle of Talavera, July 28th 1809, published by J. Jenkins, June 1st 1815 - Drawing by William Heath, Aquatint Engraving by T. Sutherland

Picking up from my link post from the start of this month, Bill Slavin has concluded his Talavera Dawn Attack game which if you haven't read yet is well worth a look as he and his friends produced a real toe to toe set-to that left both sides well and truly bruised and battered.

Tiny Wars Played Indoors - Talavera Dawn Attack, Part Two

Bill's work on building the necessary forces to play this big scenario has been repaid with a hum-dinger of a game and the spectacle of massed forces arrayed across his table as evidenced by one of his pictures below from the concluding part of this game.

I really enjoyed this AAR read and would recommend a look.

Well done Bill.


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