Friday, 6 May 2016

3/94e Regiment de Ligne

The 94e Regiment de Ligne under Colonel Combelle were destined to play the role of I Corps d'Armee reserve alongside their comrades in the 95e Ligne.

1/94e Regiment de Ligne
2/94e Regiment de Ligne

Taking no part in the combats of the 27th and early morning of the 28th July, their place was to secure the Cerro de Cascajal as the 'launch pad' for French attacks against Wellesley's line anchored on the Cerro de Medellin opposite.

1st Corps: Maréchal Victor
1st Division: Général de division Ruffin (5,286)
9th Légère Regiment (3)
24th Line Regiment (3)
Brigade: Général de brigade Barrois
96th Line Regiment (3)

2nd Division: Général de division Lapisse (6,862)
Brigade: Général de brigade Laplannes
16th Légère Regiment (3)
45th Line Regiment (3)
Brigade: Général de brigade Solignac
8th Line Regiment (3)
54th Line Regiment (3)

3rd Division: Général de division Villatte (6,135)
Brigade: Général de brigade Cassagne
27th Légère Regiment (3)
63rd Line Regiment (3)
Brigade: Général de brigade Puthod
94th Line Regiment (3)
95th Line Regiment (3)

Cavalry Brigade: Général de brigade Beaumont (980)
2nd Hussar Regiment
5th Chasseur à Cheval Regiment
Artillery: (48 guns)

A veteran French regiment in their own right, I am sure there would have been frustration among the rank and file as they observed their comrades in the 3rd Division, in General Cassagne's brigade, head off down the slopes to support the half hearted attack into the northern valley.

That said it takes stoicism and firm discipline to stand throughout the day taking the occasional pass through round-shot, no doubt aimed at the French gun line to their front, without being able to hit back at the enemy.

The casualty rate of 145 men was by no means anywhere near the highest loss suffered by Victor's infantry regiments but with 21 killed and 123 men wounded, their losses show that the 94e Ligne paid their price whilst in reserve.

My 3/94e Ligne are composed of figures from AB and carry a third battalion fanion from GMB Flags.

The regiment, en mass, make a fine display with their grenadiers resplendent in their bearskins and complete the seventh regiment of the eight in Victor's corps.

So the project moves on to the final French line regiment, the three battalions of the 95e Regiment de Ligne.

I think these shots of the 94e Ligne will give you a feel for what all eight regiments will look like when we do the afternoon attack and should certainly give the Allied players some food for thought!

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  1. Amazing as always! I can't imagine taking casualties and not being able to fight back. By the way do you think you will ever do 1809 campaign in Austria? I am working on uniform details for Davout 3rd corps and Lannes Corp during that campaign.

    1. Hi Michael, thank you. Yes they were a stoic lot in the main back in the Napoleonic period, particularly in a period before modern anaesthetics.

      I have considered taking on the 1809 Campaign as my French stuff would compliment the Austrians perfectly, and I love the look of the Austrian forces. Never say never.

      However I intend to have a change of emphasis at the end of the Talavera project and bring the Dacian Wars to completion, before following Wellington's campaigns against Soult and Massena during 1810 and 1811 and perhaps some Franco-Spanish battles as I build up my Spanish forces.

      In addition I have two other 28mm projects I am keen to start but that, as they say, is for later. So lots more stuff to come going forward.

  2. Great job. Almost there - you can do it!

    1. Thanks Rupert. I am looking forward to starting the Spanish.

  3. Great to hear! One of my favorite battles is Fuentes de Onoro. I look forward to your future post.


    1. Oh yes Fuentes is a great little scrap, as is Albuera, but we'll have a look at the Light Division on the Coa, Bussaco and Barossa before that.

  4. Thanks for posting Jonathan as always great stuff .
    Regards Gavin .