Sunday, 12 March 2017

Battle of Barrosa - Devon Wargames Group

The toys were out in force yesterday at the monthly meeting of the Devon Wargames Group with a second rendition of the Battle of Barrosa fought in 1811.

This was also a second full play through using 'Over the Hills' rules since we ran the play-test and review here on JJ's back in October last year.

I am really enjoying playing these rules and yesterday's game produced a real corker of a close run thing with the ascendancy always swinging from one side to the other right to the end.

If you want to read the game report, follow the link to the DWG blog


  1. Thanks for two interesting posts. I enjoyed reading your game report as I had my first bash with Over the Hills a couple of weeks ago.

    We stumbled a bit as we always do with new rules, but by the end of the night we were getting the hang of things and had a really good game. We also found our ideas of who was winning seemed to swing from one side to the other through the evening. We're looking forward to playing again.

  2. Nice report JJ.

    I like the casualty figure in the 3rd picture on this page. I think little touches like that really make a picture.